iFX TomTom Voice Changer

iFX TomTom Voice Changer 1.3

Provides the tools to create own TomTom navigation voice
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iFX Sound Software Inc

Creates a custom voice package for the TomTom navigation device. Supports standard maneuvers found in the daily driving routine.

"In 100 meters, turn left" "You have reached your destination" "At the end of the road, Take the ferry" For any new driver these things just seem to become a background noise after much use. But what if you could change those voices, What if you could Make your own voice. Well you can with iFX TomTom Voice Changer. The name says it all. Change and create your own TomTom GPS navigation Voice. The process is simple. The program is easy to use and never fails. Voice creation is supported by All TomTom GPS Devices. Download it today.

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